A few weeks ago my chromebook got crazy and its OS got corrupted for an unknown reason. I'd like to instal Ubuntu 12.04 64bit on it using a bootable USB pendrive, but since it is not the usual installation that I am used to on PCs/laptops....I am a bit stuck and dont even know where to start. I'd simply like to make a pendrive that I can make bootable for my chromebook and do the installation.


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There are two ways - one requires the Chrome OS to be present and utilizes the kernel there, but you can't do it from a bootable USB stick. The other way involves flashing a new BIOS - but again, you have to be in a workable Chrome OS session. I think the BIOS flash tool got pulled by its creator and is hard to find. But either way, you will need to restore Chrome OS. There is a recovery to do this -

Recover to stock cr48

Once its recovered, just google for the cr48 BIOS to install from a pen drive - good luck.

  • Thanks a lot for the answer. Although this cr48 seems to be a nightmare.....I keep getting an error message with the new installation of the chrome OS. I just simply give up. Thanks anyway.
    – Elysium
    Jan 1, 2013 at 23:50

Installing ubuntu on chromebook is a difficult task as far as I know.

It require turn on the developer option & using custom linux kernel.

Few guides are available in internet




This is a very easy to follow step by step guide to turn the new $249 Samsung Chromebook into a full featured netbook by installing Ubuntu Linux. Once complete you can have a dual boot Samsung Chromebook with ChromeOS one one SSD drive and Ubuntu 12 on the other SSD drive.


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The way I have installed Ubuntu on a Chromebook is by using Crouton.

  1. Enter developer mode.

  2. At the scary boot screen press Ctrl+D

  3. It will take a while to start up. Enter your Google information.

  4. Click on this download link: https://goo.gl/fd3zc and save the file to your Downloads folder. In case this link has become obsolete, you can find the latest link to the same file at this webpage: GitHub dnschneid/crouton - Chromium OS Universal Chroot Environment.

  5. Press the keyboard combination Ctrl+Alt+T

  6. Type shell and hit Enter.

  7. Run the following command:

    sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -r trusty -t unity

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