I have a Dell Inspiron with pre-installed Ubuntu 11.10. It has a huge root partition without swap, home etc. I have decided to repartition the system. Since I did not want to delete dellutility and os partitions, I have resized the root (sda3) partition to smaller and then I have created an extended partition (sda4) with 3 logical partitions for home (sda5), storage (sda6) and swap (sda7). I could modify fstab so after boot storage and swap are there and working.

Then I followed this description to move home from root to the logical partition. I could reboot after step 2 then I could successfully rsync home content, and modify fstab again. After step 5 I have rebooted but even the grub menu does not appear what was there before. I did not modify anything related to grub during these steps. The 512 bytes of MBR looks as before. Booting from USB shows that there are no changes in /var/log at all. I have checked the UUIDs in fstab and they match the ids what blkid shows. I have moved /old_home back to /home and I have deleted all the new lines from fstab but the system still does not boot.

What is wrong with my procedure?

As it is a new machine there is nothing important in home I just want to have a separate partition before I start using it.


Since there was no answer here I asked the same question at ubuntuforums. The solution was to reinstall grub from a live usb like this:

sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt
sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda

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