Whenever I run the start-tor-browser script to run Tor-Browser-Bundle, the Unity3D launcher stacks it with the Firefox shortcut I have on there as if it's another window of Firefox, unlike before when Unity3D launched it with a separate icon and place in the launcher.

This problem started since I upgraded Unity and Firefox to the latest version.

Also, once (after this problem had started) I started Tor-Browser after I had Firefox open, the page on TorProject.org that tests if I have the browser configured for Tor or not [which is the homepage of the tor-browser-bundle] reported that the browser wasn't configured to be used with Tor.

How can I solve the problem? That is, how can I fix the isuue of my system not recognizing the Tor-Browser as a separate app instead of Firefox? Should I downgrade Firefox/Unity?

I use the latest Tor Obfsproxy Browser Bundle [linux-i686-2.4.6-alpha-2-dev-en-US] And I'm on Ubuntu 12.04


Yes this is due to torbrowser is derived from firefox and while starting your application, your desktop-environment looks for a place where to stick it - as far as i remember the standard all Linux DEs follow is xdg.

To give your system knowledge about this application, you have to put a *.desktop-file in either ~.local/share/applications/ or /usr/share/applications/.

In your case, open a terminal and cd into your tor-browser-directory from here issue cp start-tor-browser.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/start-tor-browser.desktop You can also use any file-manager for this operation.

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