I like RememberTheMilk as a to-do list thing. It syncs well with my android phone, which is important. However, there doesn't seem to be a simple option for syncing RTM with my Ubuntu desktop. I currently use Getting Things Gnome! which is OK, but not ideal: syncing has to be done manually (AFAIK) and weirdly, the extra features of GTG are annoying: since RTM doesn't support subtasks, I'd rather not have the option of subtasks on my desktop to-do widget.

I can sync RTM with my google calendar and use that through thunderbird, but this had some weird effects: for every day where I had a to do item with a deadline in the future (i.e. every day) I had an all day event in my calendar for that event: doubleplus suboptimal.

So is there a better option? Preferably one that fits with thunderbird, since that's where all my other organisational shenanigans are taking place.


Tasque Install tasque is a simple to-do application for GNOME that has Remember The Milk integration. It's very straight forward and syncs in the background, unlike GTG.

enter image description here


This site has 12 different ways to sync with RTM, including Thunderbird, Firefox, Gmail:


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