Whenever I reboot and login, a window titled "Back Up" and "Connect to Ubuntu One" appears, containing a button named "Sign into Ubuntu One". I don't like Ubuntu One, nor any other proprietary cloud backup service, and I will never use Ubuntu One.

How do I disable it and/or permanently remove it?

I tried all the solutions suggested here, but I still get the window.

I've uninstalled all "Ubuntuone" packages I can find, but this window still appears. Oddly enough, even if I click the button, nothing happens.


The problem you are facing seems not to rise from Ubuntu One but from your Back-up service, probably Dèja-Dup. You should at least disable it from your start-up applications. Check here how to remove hidden applications at login.

  • This was it, thanks. The complete lack of the name "Deja-Dup" coupled with the plastering of "Ubuntu One" everywhere was understandably confusing. – Cerin Dec 31 '12 at 4:32

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