I have an issue where my desktop is covered with the contents of my Home folder rather than my Desktop folder. I've tried following this post: Ubuntu desktop suddenly points to home folder but to no avail.

enter image description here

If anyone has any tips that would be great :)


Check this setting using the Dconf Editor (dconf-tools):

org > gnome > nautilus > preferences > desktop-is-home-dir

Uncheck it if it's checked.

You may need to reboot so the ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs file can be rewritten and reloaded.

  • Thank you, it was unchecked, so I checked and unchecked it to refresh it and it worked! Thanks :D – Gemn Dec 29 '12 at 13:16

This can also happen when you delete ~/Desktop directory. If this is the case just simply recreate ~/Desktop directory (or change where the XDG_DESKTOP_DIR= points in your ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs file)


With Ubuntu Tweak, click on Tweaks > Desktop Icon Settings. Then uncheck the check box related to " Show contents of "Home Folder" " (the last one at the bottom).

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