I am using Tamil language keyboard layout in input settings. When I try to use Mei yelluthukal (in Tamil) letters, I cannot enter them. They appear in a different form.

gedit showing வ with a separated dotted circle with புள்ளி above, as if the base letter hasn't been entered

The characters in the circle are what I am getting. What I want has been added (using gimp).

Any one who knows about the Tamil input settings methods for giving Mei yelluthukal, please tell me how to fix this.

I am using keyboard layout for input settings and layout is Tamil...

uninformative keyboard layout dialog showing English US and Tamil

Is there any way to send this to Ubuntu keyboard layout developers?

  • Please provide more information by editing the question. Have you enabled Tamil keyboard via Language Support or via Keyboard Layout? If using Language Suppor, are you using ibus or something else? If using Keyboard Layout, which of the 7 Tamil layouts are you using? See: askubuntu.com/questions/48088/how-do-i-input-text-in-tamil – user68186 Dec 26 '12 at 17:09
  • Tamil26.wordpress.com visit the given website you will get your solution to type write in tamil and use any one of a tamil unicode font – user153275 Apr 28 '13 at 14:03

Please follow the link "http://mmauran.net/blog/?p=102" also you can try "http://tamil99.org/"

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