I'm using guake and zsh and I'd like to use Ctrl+Shift+Arrows to select word-by-word, Ctrl+Arrows to jump around words, Shift+Arrows to select char-by-char in terminal. This is working as expected in applications like gedit.

Is it possible in any shell?


The only way I know to select text from a shell without using the mouse is using GNU screen.

Quick tutorial:

Note: All GNU Screen commands are of the form: Ctrl+A followed by another key or combination

  1. Install GNU Screen: sudo apt-get install screen
  2. Open screen: screen (or screen myprog my args here)
  3. Run your program, producing the output you want copied
  4. Enter copy mode: Ctrl+A [
  5. Move the cursor to a starting point and hit Enter to start selecting
  6. Move the cursor to the ending point and hit Enter to finish selection
  7. Paste with Ctrl+A ]

Read more:

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  • Hi, could you expand on this a bit? Link only answers might get you nowhere (if the link goes rotten, or in this case, if the question on SO gets closed/deleted). Add the actual body of your answer in the tekst! – Nanne Dec 30 '12 at 11:02
  • sorry, I forgot I wasn't on SO! Thanks, I've update the answer. – elias Dec 30 '12 at 13:02

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