I am experiencing a serious issue with the "Dark Theme" functionality in Ubuntu Studio 12.0.4 (Low Latency) & Mozilla Firefox 17.0.1. The Google Search Engine Field input text is rendering "Light Grey". It is in fact so faint that it is nearly undetectable to the naked eye without highlighting the input text.

Google Light Grey Search Field Entry

Is there a way to force Mozilla Firefox to render standard colors? How can I prevent the theme colors from rendering in the web browser? There have been similar issues reported on previous versions of Mozilla Firefox. Please view this entry below:


Here is a Screenshot of the Ubuntu Theme on my desktop before the assumption is made that my applied Firefox Theme is causing the "Light Grey Text" you see. You may view this below:

Ubuntu Studio 12.0.4 (Low Latency) Desktop Theme

The "Light Grey Text Form Field Issue" has been present way before I added my Mozilla Firefox 17.0.1 Theme. Whensoever I choose the default "Ubuntu 12.0.4" Theme the "Light Grey Text" issue disappears as the input text becomes Black. I've done a complete uninstall of Mozilla Firefox 17.0.1 in an attempt to remedy this issue utilizing the "Synaptic Package Manager". I was also sure to purge any remnant Mozilla Firefox files (customizations etc.). As an added step I've also been sure to review any Mozilla Firefox settings that may be causing this issue. This is just one more Screenshot so that you can see the "Use System Colors" check box under Firefox Preferences is unticked:

Use System Colors Mozilla Firefox Preferences Unticked

I've researched this all to no avail. Please keep in mind that I am a Ubuntu novice that requires a detailed explanation as I am migrating from MAC OSX & Windows 7. I am diligently seeking a fix for this as I don't wish to change my theme just to have Mozilla Firefox function properly.

This issue has been reported to Bugzilla@Mozilla for further troubleshooting and observation and I have received a response. You may view that bug report here: Bugzilla Bug Submission I will provide further updates in the comments section as warranted regarding Mozilla's response.

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    Well done with all the research and time you put into this, but bugs are off topic and so I've just voted to close it. Hope you get this resolved soon and in the meantime have a browse of the site FAQs linked at the top of the page. Dec 26 '12 at 0:13
  • Question to ask you does closing this mean that the information isn't there for anyone else to view? There is a similar entry regarding this same issue. It would be nice if someone with a similar issue could be alerted to the fact that this is a bug as opposed to investing time and effort with resolution. Once the version of Mozilla Firefox changed the fix which was once applied is now no longer applicable.:( See this entry: [link] (askubuntu.com/questions/183564/…) italic bold 'code' Dec 26 '12 at 0:23
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    @UbuntuNovice Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! You may want to file a downstream bug on Launchpad also (and link it to the upstream bug--which you recently filed--by using "Also Affects Project" on the Launchpad bug page). See the downstream bug reporting documentation first of course. As for the question about closure, using Ask Ubuntu as a to report and investigate bugs fragments debugging and prevents bugs from actually getting fixed; see the FAQ and this meta question. Dec 26 '12 at 10:31
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    Closing a question does not remove it from view. (It does make it so no new answers can be posted.) However, except for questions that are closed because they are duplicates of questions that are good for our site, closed questions without great answers are often eventually deleted (and then most users cannot see them). Please see the FAQ and feel free to post on meta to ask questions about the site itself (but please do not ask questions on meta that are not about Ask Ubuntu). Dec 26 '12 at 10:36
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    ^Question about third party apps are ontopic here, but not bug reports:)
    – Tachyons
    Dec 26 '12 at 11:07

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