I'd like to empty the Active Block list of hosts from this productivity software called SelfControl because some of these websites are duplicates. I've tried pressing Del key, right-clicking on the website entries, dragging them into the main window and then pressing the Delete button -- nothing works. Is there some work-around? Should I modify some configuration file? I downloaded the application as a .deb package from the official site.

main window block list


After much searching, here's how I solved the problem.

sudo -H gedit /usr/share/perl5/SelfControl/UI.pm

Place the cursor after


Add this code:

# we need the following line otherwise the list is too small

  my @columns = $list->get_columns;
  my $cnum = scalar(@columns);
  my $c;
  foreach $c (@columns) {

  my $rows = $self->{config}->{hosts};
  my $rnum = scalar(@$rows);

  if ($rnum > 10){ $rnum = 10; }
  if ($rnum < 2){ $rnum = 2; }

  $list->set_size_request (175 * $cnum, 28 * $rnum);

Save and close.

Try launching the app and see if it works.

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