I've installed kde via sudo apt-get install kde-full and it worked perfectly, and all is well, except for these ugly gtk applications. (Pictures Here) So I did some research and came across this form here and I've installed the two packages via sudo apt-get install kde-style-qtcurve gtk2-engines-qtcurve and I presume that they're installed, however I cannot figure out how to do the second part :

GTK apps look like that unless you install those and tell KDE to handle them with care, in System Settings -> Appearance -> GTK Styles and Fonts. GTK Styles, Use another style: Qtcurve. Then log out and back in.

So my question is : in KDE4 how do I accomplish the above?

Thanks in advance for all of your help.

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I think you can try with the kde-config-gtk-style package:


 Configuration dialog to adapt GTK+ applications appearance to your taste
 under KDE. Among its many features, it lets you:
  - Choose which theme is used for GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3.x applications.
  - Tweak some GTK+ applications behaviour.
  - Select what icon theme to use in GTK+ applications.
  - Select GTK+ applications default fonts.
  - Easily browse and install new GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3.x themes.
  • Install the package with

    sudo apt-get install kde-config-gtk-style

  • Under System Settings > Application Appearance you have a new item named "Gtk Configuration"

enter image description here

  • Finally you can change the options according to your needs. eg: themes, icons,fonts.

Hope this will be helpful.


  • Install engine and configuration tool

    sudo apt-get install gtk-theme-switch gtk2-engines-oxygen gtk3-engines-oxygen oxygen-molecule
  • Start Theme-Switcher

  • and select oxygen-molecule or some other gtk engine

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