Hello I am new with ubuntu and I have a question.

I created a user ABC. I created a group XYZ. I added user ABC to group XYZ .

I have a folder mounted mydrive. I mounted it under as I have attached drive to server /mnt/mydrive.

I want XYZ group-users to have read and write rights, as I am going to use the mydrive for FTP and in future. If I have a new user, I will add the user in group XYZ for the same rights. Please note: I do not want the user to delete the uploaded files.

In short, I want to give group XYZ rights to folder mydrive; read and write rights only.

Many Kind Regards,

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    Well. That's a very generic question. Do you know the chmod command? – Melon Dec 24 '12 at 9:03
  • I know chmod however need a little assistance please I just want that Group only have access to that drive . – Osman Dec 24 '12 at 9:50
  • It sounds like you want to grant the group read and write permissions on the drive, but want to prevent them from deleting files, correct? If yes, your answer is here on stackoverflow. – Tom Brossman Dec 24 '12 at 10:42

chown root:XYZ /mnt/mydrive

chmod 1660 /mnt/mydrive

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