I've tried cheese and wxCam and both of those record the video fine, but there is no audio in the videos. How can i record a video from my webcam with audio as well?


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I had a similar problem with cheese (that is, video was fine, but no audio).

I tried out guvcview based on this answer. This didn't work either, but then I remembered something about USB 3 ports not working with devices like webcams sometimes, so I moved it to a USB 2 port.

Everything worked in guvcview just fine then. The webcam appeared as a new audio device ("USB Audio"). guvcview seems like a neat little application, with a lot of options for how to record from the cam.

(I tried cheese again to see if it was purely the USB 3 port as the cause, but it still didn't work.)


Try changing the API input on gucview to pulseaudio. That just worked for us.

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