I just got my AO725 and I have sucessfully installed Xubuntu 12.10. It's all okay except the temperature which is pretty high if I look to some reviews on the web - it's about 70 to 85° C. I don't have any additional drivers installed, because I only installed the system and some programs.

What could be a problem or it's that the normal temperature for netbook like this?


I confirmed that AO725 is indeed running hotter with Ubuntu 12.10 as well than Windows 8. Windows 8 is measured at 45to55° C, Ubuntu at 68to84° C

Are you using Psensor to monitor the temperature? Can you try increasing the PSensor Update interval to 5 seconds and Measure update interval to 5 seconds as well? Would that slightly bring down your CPU temperature?

Some guy here Ubuntu 12.10 Laptop temperature seem to have the answer to why ubuntu is hotter.

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