I use "Pidgin" on Ubuntu instead of Yahoo Messenger, and i recently noticed that when i am offline and somebody writes me, "Pidgin" won't show it to me as offline messages, or when i write to my friend by "Pidgin" while my friend is offline, he won't get my offline messages either, and i didn't see an option to see conversation history. how can i fix these 3 problems?


All the messenger logs will be stored under .purple directory located in your home directory.

cd ~/.purple/logs/yahoo/

this is the location where all your yahoo messenger chat logs will be stored.

You can also view the logs by selecting "Conversation -> View Log" when you have the contact window opened.

To send a message to a offline contact, use "Offline Message Emulation". Open "Tool->Plugins" and make sure you have selected "Offline Message Emulation". This will save the message you sent to a offline contact and the message will be delivered once he is online.

If you are offline and a contact sends you a message that will be delivered to you when you come online.

There are other good plugins for pidgin. To install the extra plugins use the command

 sudo apt-get install pidgin-plugin-pack

Hope this helps.

  • sir, pidgin not showing offline messages, like if i go offline and someone sends me message today.. and i login after two days.. it does not shows me the offline messages.. even i have checked the Offline Message Emulation please suggest some plugins.. – Mohammed Sufian Nov 27 '14 at 17:23

If you enable the "History" plugin, recent conversations will be shown in message windows. I find that very useful.

  • 3
    I wish there was a way to extend the range, or configure some stuff, unfortunately, this plugin has no configuration options. Still nice to have the previous conversation though. – TryTryAgain Aug 12 '15 at 21:47
  • Where should I be able to see the history? I enabled the plugin but cannot notice any change. – Kvothe Apr 1 at 15:43

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