I am receiving this error message when I'm trying to uncompress a .tgz archive:

$ tar -zxvf OVM_EL5U3_X86_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.1
gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
tar: Child returned status 1
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

As you can see, the file name ends with .tgz.1.

When the file name is .tgz.0 it will be uncompressed with no error by the tar -zxvf command.

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    Why not rename it? – nanofarad Dec 19 '12 at 12:12
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    Is this file splitted? – Zignd Dec 19 '12 at 12:12
  • I had rather run file OVM_EL5U3_X86_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.1 to see what exactly it is. – Nehal J Wani May 12 '14 at 18:10

This is what I found after a quick google search, a PDF explaining how to correctly extract the contents of the file.

Looks like there are several files:


You need to copy all those files to a specific directory, for example /OVS/seed_pool/. Then run the following commands:

# cd /OVS/seed_pool
# cat OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.0 \
OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.1 \
OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.2 \
OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.3 \
OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.4 \
OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.5 \
OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.6 \
OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.7 | tar -xz

Note that those are only 2 commands, denoted with the starting #.

Those commands shall create the following directory structure, with these files inside:

|- System.img (OS image file)
|- ebs1211db.img.img (Oracle E-Biz 12.1.1 DB Tier image file)
|- vm.cfg (VM configuration file)
|- README.txt

For more help, please look into the PDF mentioned above.

  • You don’t have to list all the files manually, a wildcard * or ? would automatically list them in the alphabetical order, so cat OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.* | tar -xz should suffice. (You can test the behavior with echo OVM_EL5U3_X86_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.*.) – Melebius Jul 1 '20 at 6:39

The tar.gz/tgz file you are having is split into multiple files. (tgz.0, tgz.1,tgz.2 etc..)

So that's the reason when you try to extract using the command

tar -zxvf OVM_EL5U3_X86_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.0

it works properly. But the contents wont be fully available.

Use the cat command to combine all the OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.* parts into one tar.gz file

then use the command

tar -zxvf OVM_EL5U3_X86_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz
  • Creating a temporary file is not necessary and might be unfeasible if the archive is too big. See my answer to a similar question for solutions without temporary files. – Melebius Jul 1 '20 at 6:30

These two commands didn't work:

$ cat OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.* |  tar zxvf - 
stdin: not in gzip format\ntar: Child died with signal 13\ntar: 
Error is not recoverable: exiting now\ncat: write error: Broken pipe\n’, None

$ cat OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.0 \
OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.1 \
OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.2  | | tar -xz  `
cat: OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.1 No such file or directory\ncat:

This worked for me:

$ cat OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.0 OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.1 
OVM_EL5U3_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.1_DB_VIS_PVM.tgz.2  | tar -xz`

The difference was just using a space instead of \.

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