This is a bit of a weird question, and I don't even know if it belongs here or not.

I want to set up a Ubuntu box with a keyboard and a twitter program, so that everything that is typed into the keyboard is posted on twitter. So what I am looking for is a simple twitter client that will force all input via keyboard into a tweet and post to twitter after 140 chars, after the enter key, and/or a time period.

Basically what I am planning is a little experiment to leave a keyboard somewhere it can be typed on and played with, and post all text entry through to twitter automatically.

The alternative is to simply save all entered text to a file, but I would prefer the twitter approach.

Does anyone have any ideas if there is a program/script out there that will do this for me?

I am mainly looking for a command line script, as GUI programs are easier to exit or lose focus than a command line.

  • If you don't get anything here, and if you have some programming experience, you could head over to Stack Overflow to get some ideas on how to write the program yourself. I don't think it'd be that hard. – David Z Aug 15 '10 at 0:03

I am sure all of this can be done through a simple python script. Interesting idea. I am sure you have some use for it.

I would recommend taking a look at the twitter-python API -- simple and straightforward and it would be easy integrate your recording keystroke requirement as well.

If you need help making things work or have questions. stackoverflow.com is an amazing resource.

  • This would be ridiculously simple to do in Python. ~3 hours for a complete novice, 20 minutes for a pro. – Oli Aug 15 '10 at 9:22

There are some command-line twitter clients (either hand rolled, or purpose built), but it sounds like you have a pretty specific set of features in mind.

I think you'll have to add a bunch of scripts around an existing client.

Good luck. =)

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