Do you know if there are statistics on how many languages Ubuntu supports (completely translated / partially translated)?

I've tried the following command:

apt-cache search language-pack | grep "base" | grep -v "GNOME" | grep -v "KDE" | grep -v "inkscape" | wc -l

which returned 140 results. But, I guess many of the translations are only partially done and not very good. So how do I find out more about high quality translations?

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As of Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu had 28 fully translated languages and a total of 218 supported languages.

You may have more luck digging into the Ubuntu translation pages. I haven't been able to find an update on the data provided in the first link.

It looks like you can get a raw export of the translation coverage on 12.10(Quantal)here along with some instructions on the Ubuntu Translations Statistics page. There is a web app to present/interpret the data, but I have not used it.

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