I am trying to get the XFCE Mail Watcher panel plugin to check my IMAP mail, but it won't connect to my server. I have entered the details correctly -- they're exactly the same as those I use in Thunderbird -- but nothing!

When I go to select the "New mail folders..." it returns with "Failed to get folder list". If I change my username from name@domain to name, I still get this error, but it takes a few seconds longer to appear. Nothing shows up in the log.

If it makes a difference, my mail is hosted by Microsoft, in some way. Like I say, I can access it through Thurderbird using the IMAP credentials; but I have the Exchange 2010 web app, if I use webmail. Could this be the problem? (Thunderbird often complains with "Command Error. 12" with what it gets back from the server, but carries on regardless.)


Try installing a plug-in for Thunderbird called Firetray, its a decent workaround to avoid this Xubuntu 12.10 "Bug".

  • +1, but it's far from ideal... – Xophmeister Jun 6 '13 at 0:05

You may need to enable "less secure app" setting on your gmail account for this to work


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