How can I determine the date when a CD/DVD was written?

I have already tried Disc info in Nero4Linux and cdrecord -v dev=xxx -toc, but unfortunately none of them gave me the answer.

I know there might be a difference between the real burn date and the date the burning software actually puts on the disk; the indicated date is just fine.


here is a link, where you could search for further details:


I would read man of wodim, cdrecord and else man-pages ... (am deaf) - perhaps command saytime can help when you combine it with mount of /media/cdrom?

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  • As far as I see these tools don't have such option (or I couldn't find it). I tried cdrdao disk-info, wodim -v -toc and wodim -v -atip. None of these has displayed the burn date. – Attila Fulop Dec 14 '12 at 20:43

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