I have a directory that I want to delete all the .svn folders in all of its subdirectories. Is there a command that can do this without me having to go through each individual subdirectory and delete them that way? I tried doing it through nautilus as suggested here How to delete all the files with a certain extension from a folder and all of its subfolders?

But when I search, it does not show any hidden folders, even though I have that option enabled.

Any help is appreciated.


Find all such directories:

find -name .svn -type d

If you are sure, delete all of them:

find -name .svn -type d -delete
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  • Sorry for the edit. It's my bad - have forgotten '.svn' is the exact name. Can't find a way to cancel it - please ignore. – Pavel A Dec 11 '12 at 20:32

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