Now that Ubuntu is officially supporting Web-apps I just wanted to know what are the different Web-apps that are available out there.

I know the most basic ones just add an icon in the Launcher when the site is opened.

I am more interested in useful ones like the gmail-webapp, which manipulates the Messaging Indicator menu.

I hope this question serves as a one-stop point similar to the likes of
What lenses for Unity are available?
What Application Indicators are available?

  • apt-cache search unity-webapps | grep "Unity Webapp for" May helps you. – Pandya Jun 29 '14 at 12:35

These are the different unity-webapps that can be installed in 12.10

By default 12.10 comes with all the webapps. In case if you want to install manually, then use the command

sudo apt-get install unity-webapps-*

Note: Currently these apps will work on Firefox/Chromium browser

  • Amazon Cloud Reader

    Package name: unity-webapps-amazoncloudreader

  • Angry Birds

    Package name: unity-webapps-angrybirds

  • BBC News

    Package name: unity-webapps-bbcnews

  • Cut The Rope

    Package name: unity-webapps-cuttherope

  • Facebook

    Package name: unity-webapps-facebookapps

  • Facebook Messenger

    Package name: unity-webapps-facebookmessenger

  • GMail

    Package name: unity-webapps-gmail

  • Google Reader

    Package name: unity-webapps-googlecalendar

  • Google docs

    Package name: unity-webapps-googledocs

  • Google +

    Package name: unity-webapps-googleplus

  • Grooveshark

    Package name: unity-webapps-grooveshark

  • Hulu Player

    Package name: unity-webapps-hulu-player

  • last.fm

    Package name: unity-webapps-lastfm-radio

  • Launchpad

    Package name: unity-webapps-launchpad

  • Libre FM

    Package name: unity-webapps-librefm

  • Linkedin

    Package name: unity-webapps-linkedin

  • Live Mail

    Package name: unity-webapps-livemail

  • Mail ru

    Package name: unity-webapps-mail-ru

  • News blur

    Package name: unity-webapps-newsblur

  • Pandora

    Package name: unity-webapps-pandora-com

  • QQ Mail

    Package name: unity-webapps-qq-mail

  • Reddit

    Package name: unity-webapps-reddit

  • Tumblr

    Package name: unity-webapps-tumblr

  • Twitter

    Package name: unity-webapps-twitter

  • VKcom

    Package name: unity-webapps-vkcom

  • Wordpress

    Package name: unity-webapps-wordpress-com

  • Yahoo Mail

    Package name: unity-webapps-yahoomail

  • Yahoo News

    Package name: unity-webapps-yahoonews

  • Yandex Music

    Package name: unity-webapps-yandex-music

  • Yandex News

    Package name: unity-webapps-yandexnews

  • YouTube

    Package name: unity-webapps-youtube

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