I have been trying for awhile since I removed Win8 from my laptop to get this Bluetooth/Wireless Card working and I've got it so that it at least recognizes wireless, but every time I try to actually use the wireless, I get kernel panics or everything crashes.

Can someone explain to me how to install this driver: http://www.ralinktech.com/en/04_support/support.php?sn=501

So that I can actually use the wireless on my laptop (and perhaps even the bluetooth).


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I don't know if you've solved this. I have the HP Envy dv7 and seem to have it working.

Ubuntu 12.10 - no wireless detected. upgrade the linux kernel to 3.6.3 or later and make sure the firmware rt3290.bin is in lib/firmware and it should work.

However I have found that sometimes the wireless is disabled and the only way I have found to re-enable it is to boot into Windows.


Seems like the ralink site has changed... I don't know where to find the new files on the new serv, so here's the instruction how to get it working using the kernel firmware:

How do I install ra3290.bin wireless driver into /lib/firmware

It's a simple 2-line instruction. Works under hp 4540s, ralink 3290.

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