Today Linus Torvalds announced the 2.6.38 RC1 Linux Kernel. I know that maybe this kernel will be ready near the date for Natty release and in that case it's inclusion could affect Ubuntu's stability and performance, but looking at this repo I found that there is a repo for Natty..

According to the announcement, the improvement for this kernel are really important, in some cases 30% better performance, so my question is if Natty will include this Linux Kernel's version or not? Just I don't know and I wanted to ask.

Regards my friends!


Natty is now using to 2.6.38.

According to the kernel team's wiki:

As Natty is not an LTS we do not require a specific version for alignment upstream. Therefore we will be using the latest version released at kernel freeze.

  • 2.6.38 is due by the beginning of April so this should be fine. – Oli Jan 20 '11 at 23:37

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