I accidentally clicked this option when installing 12.10. Now, I am not seeing my other operating systems show up. I tried fgrep menuentry /boot/grub/grub/.cfg and only see Ubuntu. When I checked my partitions using fdsik, I saw that there are three partitions still.

If the operating systems are still there, how would I be able to access them?

  • Hi Mariah, welcome to AskUbuntu! Could you edit your question and include the output of fdisk -l? – Flimm Dec 4 '12 at 14:10

Can you describe clearly? What is yoru other operating system? Linux or Windows?

You can need to activate the existing volume groups if you access the existing file systems (partitions / logical volumes), for example, if you boot from system rescue CD and want to access the volume group and logical volumes, you need to do the following:

vgchange -a y

Then you can show the logical volumes and mount the logical volumes


mount -t fs_type /dev/volume_group_name/logical_volume_name /mnt/mount_point

Anyway, you need to provide more information before we can help.

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