I am using Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS, and until yesterday, everything was quite peachy. I have installed several packages (MySQL, apache2) and to my knowledge have those configured correctly. Upon configuration of phpMyAdmin, I found that I was missing the directory path /etc/phpmyadmin, which got me thinking about the install. I am new to Ubuntu, so I guess I missed the message telling me that I did not download phpMyAdmin successfully.

Anyway, trying to use apt-get yesterday/today results in "Failed to fetch..." messages, even if just to run sudo apt-get update.

Some notable details: ···no GUI, command line only (sudo apt-get gksu fails, go figure) ···can ping, so I know the internet is out there (somewhere) ···this is a dedicated computer, using Samba to share files with Windows, which does work ···attempted to edit my /sources.list file, for various American/Canadian mirror, to no effect ···ensured I have correct DNS settings in /etc/networks/interfaces

I'm not sure where along the way it happened, but I seem to have lost connections to repositories... :) Any advice (including GO BACK TO WINDOWS) is appreciated.

Edit: fixed by adding an actual nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf


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The actual solution to this problem was discovered by the original poster (and did not involve editing any of APT's configuration files). resolv.conf was blank. Adding a name server to it enabled apt-get to work. As the OP said:

my /etc/resolv.conf was blank, had no nameservers what-so-ever. added 'nameserver' and presto! apt-get is my friend again!

Sources: See this revision to the question. The quote above is from this old (now deleted) comment.


Please try following the instructions here to manage repositories using the Ubuntu Software Center - it's safer than editing those files by hand:


Specifically, try the section about choosing a regional download server starting here:


From that page: Selecting "Other" provides the opportunity to select a participating server anywhere in the world. Expand any of the country listings in the left pane and highlight a server. Then select "Choose Server" and pick one from Canada.

[edited to link to the software center page rather than using the technical word "GUI"]


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