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How do I add English-UK thesaurus in LibreOffice?

When setting a text for English US the context menu contains 'Synonyms'

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This is not the case for the other languages for which I have the spelling installed (English UK, French etc)

Can I have the Synonyms option for UK English too, for example? Even that is a problem although there seems to be solutions around for it. Here, for example, (which is a link to here) but after testing it cannot see synonyms for uk.

What about other languages?

Please notice that this question is not just about English-UK. I have initially noticed that 'synonyms' where missing in relation to British, but I am asking about how to solve the issue in general or, when there is no general solution, how to solve it on a case-by-case basis. For the meta consequence of all this, involving the issue of it being a duplicate, see comments under here and these meta questions, here and here. The British-related question to which this was flagged as duplicate involves a particular bug and therefore its solution cannot be appropriate to a question that goes beyond that particular case.)

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    The solution posted on this blog as explained in Tom's post does work for me. – user76204 Nov 30 '12 at 17:45