Looking for some good uses for your own custom live CD/distro, including custom branded distributions for Cafes etc.

You can include instructions etc in your answer, as well as links to good examples. However, please limit ONE example per answer - though feel free to answer multiple times!

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Another cool idea is to create a distro (obviously based on Ubuntu) where you can use it for a kiosk PC. For example, you need to set-up a PC where people will be able to search books on a library only typing the name of the book on a touchpad screen. The main thing is create this distro with:

  • A minimal install
  • A browser (like firefox)
  • A browser's addon to create this kiosk mode ( like this addons for firefox)
  • Apache and (if is necessary) a DBMS

Its really easy to set-up and you can use in several cases For example

  • In a Restaurant (where persons can see their reservations)
  • In a cofee shop (You can order your coffee directly in the system)

One good idea is a stripped down recovery CD, containing the tools you need to check drives, perform backups, and chroot into the system to perform fixes.


  • Install Ubuntu Minimal (in a virtual machine)
  • Add the remastersys repository and install remastersys.
  • Install openbox and any commandline tools you need.
  • Install gnome-terminal/a terminal of your choice.
  • Install a file manager.
  • Run remastersys in dist- mode to create your live CD.
  • Have a big party with friends to show them how awesome you are, and hand out free copies of your new recovery system!

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