I want to install this package on Quantal but it only seems to have Oneiric and Precise versions. So apt-get update fails when fetching the package's PPA (it doesn't have a Quantal version). I think the Precise version will probably run fine on Quantal, though.

Is there a way I can manually get the deb and install it with dpkg at my own risk? Or some other way to bypass the "version check".


Yes. Just download the .deb from the PPA. Nothing is keeping you from doing that. Then install

$ sudo dpkg -i packagefile.deb

You may need to install the dependencies with it using

$ sudo apt-get install -f

This might not work if it depends on certain versions not provided in Quantal.

If you can't find the .deb on the PPA page click "View package details", unfold the source package, then scroll down to "Package Files".


Look at prefer way from the scratch: man apt_preferences and the answer Install a different version of a package

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