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where is inittab file?

I have learned from the wikipedia that init is usually called by the kernel with an argument to specify the runlevel, in order to do different things according to different runlevel, and that runlevel can be found from /etc/inittab, but why I cannot find in /etc/inittab?

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Ubuntu uses different runlevels than other Linux distros.

It also uses rc*.d instead of inittab ( * going from 0 to 6). Open /etc/rcS.d/README & /etc/init.d/README to know more.


/etc/inittab is no longer used in Ubuntu. The configuration it provided for some services (such as TTYs) can be found in the upstart config. Runlevels as a concept has been made obsolete by this and has not been used for this in Ubuntu for quite a while now.

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