I installed Ubuntu 12.04, and loathe the new interface so much I've switched to Xubuntu with sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop.

Very happy with that so far. But the typing break I always used to have set is part of gnome.

Is there an equivalent typing break app in xubuntu?


Synaptic lists a package called xwrits:

The download is 91.7 kB and there don't seem to be any additional dependencies listed for me on Lubuntu 12.10. So I'm assuming the same should hold true for you.

Even apt-get install -s xwrits doesn't indicate any dependencies.

Here's what the description says:

xwrits helps you prevent repetitive stress injury.

xwrits is a small reminder program designed to let you know it is time
to take a break from typing to rest your wrists and prevent any damage
to your wrists (or at least make them feel better if you've already
damaged them). Normally works on the honor system, but if you find
yourself unable to stop typing during your break, it can also lock your

I have no idea whether this will meet your needs!

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