I have downloaded gfortran package from there site and now looking for installing it on the offline ubuntu 12.04 pc... please don't close this question stating possible duplicate. I am looking for steps to install the package by extracting and installing it. I don't want to use get-offline neither keryx nor to use some other online ubuntu systems. I am very much clear.. I have the downloaded package and I am looking forward for the steps to install the package with out accessing internet. Thanks!


You can install a downloaded deb package using dpkg:

sudo dpkg -i gfortran_x.y.z_arch.deb

However, it will probably tell you that one or more dependencies are unavailable, which you will then need to also download before you can install it (note that gfortran is a dummy package that just provides dependency on the actual compiler package, currently gfortran-4.6, in order to make installing multiple different versions possible).

You can see the dependencies of any single package with:

dpkg -I gfortran_x.y.z_arch.deb | grep Depends

gfortran has a lot of dependencies (gcc and lots of associated libraries). If you don't want to use specialised tools, you'll either spend a long time getting extra files, or try installing gfortran on a similarly configured, internet connected machine and see what has to be downloaded. The tool apt-rdepends might be helpful for listing all the recursive dependencies of a package.

  • guys thanks! I had to install some big list of dependencies for installing gfortran on ubuntu 12.04 and finally it worked! – VRU Dec 15 '12 at 9:47

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