Out of a sudden after I logging in to the 'Ubuntu' session Unity or maybe Compiz doesn't start anymore (actually I'm not sure wether it is Compiz or Unity). I can start Unity manually with setsid unity & and put the command as a startup script but that's not how it should be.

I also tried a lot of "solutions" but none of them helped:

  • checked for activated 'Unity' module in ccsm
  • reinstalled lightdm
  • reset Compiz and Unity
  • reinstalled all Compiz/Unity packages
  • many more...

The question now is, how do I get Compiz/Unity to be started propperly at login again?

I'm on 12.10 with Intel graphics.


You just have to add one startup application:

  1. Open a terminal and type the following command:

    unity && compiz --replace
  2. If step 1 works for your situation, open unity-dash-home and type startup. You should see Startup Applications.

    In the program, add a startup application with the command:

    compiz --replace
  3. Log out and login, things should be solved.

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  • Meanwhile I got a new Laptop which 'solved' this problem by a clean install. Sadly this is only a workaround which for me worked only when I put a big pause in the startup script. So what I was really interested in was to know the reason why Unity/Compiz didn't start as intended and how to get evrything working fine without a workaround. – joschi Jan 29 '13 at 15:51

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