I have some DVD video discs that I am intending to sell. I would like to get information such as region, language, subtitles.

Some of the discs are in another language which I cannot read, and some are from small publishers and do not have such information on the disc or the boxes.

What methods can I use to access this information? Please list command line options, as well as common GUI based tools (eg VLC player).



You can go in VLC to Tools --> Media Information / Tools --> Codec Information to get a lot of information about the DVD. If you get any problems with the DVD, please make sure to read some of the following links:

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To Install:sudo apt-get install mediainfo-gui mediainfo To Run: The GUI version is obviously mediainfo-gui. The terminal one is just mediainfo, which you can use in the following way:

mediainfo -f SOURCE. For example mediainfo -f /media/cyrex/moviedvd


To Install: sudo apt-get install lsdvd

To Run:lsdvd -x SOURCE. For example lsdvd -x /media/cyrex/moviedvd

This are not all since typing **dvd* in the Software Center will give you many DVD players, editors, rippers, etc.. that most of them can give you information about your DVD.

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