I want to watch a number of trailers and make notes inbetween each one. So, instead having them play one after the other without stopping, I want each one to automatically stop once it's done, and then I'll hit a key to play the next one in the playlist.

How do I do this?


In Movie Player (Totem), I could not find a preference or plugin to achieve this.

In VLC Media Player:

  • Select Tools > Preferences
  • Select the Interface tab (default tab)
  • At the bottom of the Interface options, in the Playlist section, tick "Pause on the last frame of a video"
  • Click Save
  • Start playing the first video
  • It will pause once it reaches the end
  • To move on to the next video, hit n (next).
  • If you need to go back, hit p (previous).
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    In VLC 2.2.1: go to Preferences, press Show all, then check Playlist > Play and pause.
    – thSoft
    Nov 27 '15 at 21:26

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