I have just finished a presentation in LaTeX. In this very .pdf file I have included a .swf animation(done with adobe flash CS5 in windows) which starts when you click on it.

While I have already installed a relevant player(swfdec flash player) neither document viewer nor okular are able to reproduce it. I tried with my player to make sure that the file is not corrupted and the result was that it can be produced.

I tried the same .pdf file in windows using adobe reader and there is no problem there. The embedded file can be reproduced with no problem.

So I thought of installing adobe in ubuntu. I tried there to see if the problem was solved. Things got a bit better. Adobe could understand that there is something there, so when clicked I got a message that I had to get the proper player. When I clicked on a relevant button I expected to open my browser in a player's page. Instead nothing happened.

If I place my mouse's cursor next to the space that defines my animation the is a "message" stating "Media File(application/x-shockwave flash)". The next step was to install Adobe Flash player, but I couldn't find the standallone player;only the browser's plugs...

How can I get this .swf file play in pdf?

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First of all install gnash Install gnash, which can be used as a standalone swf player. As you said, you were using LaTeX, you can write something like \href{run:/tmp/test.swf} in your file.

These steps are explained in more details on tex.stackexchange.com.


As alternative, you can embed a flash movie (SWF) into PDf file and play SWF file in Ubuntu using Adobe Reader version < 9.4-2 (version 9.4.1 is recommended as it is the last version for Linux with a built-in Flash player, you can find it here). The embedding is possible using flashmovie LaTeX package, for example:


I have recently tested it again in current Ubuntu 16.04 and TeXlive 2015 LaTeX distribution and it works well.

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