I just installed 12.10 x86_64 to my new computer

My hardware specs are: amd fx8120 cpu, ati hd 7770, msi 990 fxa

I'm facing the following error:

2012-11-17 18:19:04,393 WARNING: /sys/module/fglrx/drivers does not exist, cannot rebind fglrx driver

From :additional drivers" can not install the ati drivers.
From "system settings" "software sources" only the x.org server is working but with problems

Compiz works continuously and if I open for example a video the fun is running like crazy.
The mouse pointer goes slow. The windows act strange (flashing, don't open, open slowly etc) What should I do?


I'd suggest purging the driver and reinstalling - for which you can find general information here.

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