How can you get google sketchup to work on ubuntu?


Google Sketchup is not available natively for Ubuntu, you will have to run it using Wine. The following links may help you to get things going;




Another option to run Sketchup without wine is setting up a Virtual Machine and installing Sketchup on it. Still you might (and probably will) need the registry change that cscarney proposed.



this is detailed instructions for 2014 sketchup, also has detailed instructions resolving hangups and video problems.

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This worked for me:

First install WINE with sudo apt-get install wine

Next, download the SketchUp installer from Google and save it to disk. Open a terminal and run wine /path/to/installer.exe Finish the installer process.

Try running SketchUp (It's on the Applications menu under Wine/Applications). If you get a "Couldn't Intitialize OpenGL" error, run wine regedit.exe and set HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\SketchUp6\GLConfig\Display\HW_OK to 1.

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