I've set up an ubuntu-server to host a website. But at first i want to configure it to work in my local network.

Actually it serves as DHCP server for the whole network with static ip (and configured, but not accessable hostname "ubuntu-server") and now i want to access this server (and all the apache virtual-hosts) via hostnames.

I already tried to install and configure a DNS server on this machine but without success... (Those tutorials didn't work for me: Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2)

Also read other questions like this and that but the first one is a complete different question and the other is confusing me because i don't understand the impact of the differences to the first mentioned tutorials... (And I would really prefer to understand what i'm doing and configurating...)

I just want to write something like "ubuntu-server.home.lan" on any PC in my network to access my ubuntu-server, or "website1.home.lan" to access a virtual host of apache running on my ubuntu-server. And maybe later register this server to an official domain to make it accessible from web...

I would be glad for every hint!


I don't know where the difference is between the first tutorials and the one i tried now but now it works.

This tutorial did help me: Worked

  • Please add the answer that has been given in the link that you provided, to your answer rather than just posting the link itself. – gandalf Aug 14 '17 at 6:47

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