I'm running Ubuntu Lucid Netbook Remix on my laptop and I need to be able to share my desktop for a Skype call. Does anyone know how to get this done?

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When you are in a video call, you can share your desktop by click on the video button (as in the picture) then click share your screen>choose what to share.

alt text


With the latest version of Skype for Ubuntu, sharing your screen is activated differently.

You can either:

In a call: hit the + button in the call window > Share screens


Right click on a contact name > Share your screen... > Share full screen or Share selection


With Skype I have found that you - apart from finding the right menu item in Skype - also need to be on a connection with sufficient speed. Otherwise transmission will be very slow or freezes, as if congestion occurs.

When I was on my private fairly low-speed ASDL connection screen sharing did not work, but when I switched to a fast university connection there was no problem with Skype screen sharing from my Ubuntu Linux to a Windows computer.

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