Assuming i have a line that i want to add to a file without opening an editor.

How could i append this line

alias list='ls -cl --group-directories-first'

to this file
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You can append a line of text to a file by using the >> operator:

echo "hello world" >> my_file.txt

or in your case

echo "alias list='ls -cl --group-directories-first'" >>

Please take note of the different types of quotes.

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    I use echo myself, but be careful, if you only specify one > then the file will truncate, not append. for a safer command you can use sed: sed -i '$a hello world' filename – invert Jan 25 '11 at 8:05
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    explanation: -i will update the file (otherwise it will just print the result to stdout), $ is regex that will match the end of the file, and a appends the following text to filename. – invert Jan 25 '11 at 8:08
  • echo "hello world" >> my_file.txt does not create a new last line with HW, but add it to the string of the last line. – Timo Nov 3 '17 at 7:28
  • What is HW @timo ? – 7wp Jul 3 at 3:50
  • Maybe "Hello World" @7wp :) It's echo that adds the line break (making it a line as opposed to just a bunch of characters). You can switch off the line break at the end with -n. – Stefano Palazzo Jul 3 at 14:59

There's plenty of methods of appending to file without opening text editors, particularly via multiple available text processing utilities in Ubuntu.

  • tee -a <<< "alias list='ls -cl --group-directories-first'"
  • awk 'BEGIN{ printf "alias list=\x27ls -cl --group-directories-first\x27\n" >> "" }'
  • sed -i '$a alias list='"'"'ls -cl --group-directories-first'"'"

Adding to Stefano's answer, you can also use cat:

  • Using a heredoc:

    $ cat >> <<'EOF'
    > alias list='ls -cl --group-directories-first'
    > EOF

    <<'EOF' means "take the following as input, until you reach a line that is just EOF". The quotes mean to take the input literally.

  • Or inputting the line on stdin:

    $ cat >>

    Then paste or type in the line, press Enter to go to a new line, then press Ctrl+D to mark the end.

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