I have installed PostgreSQL 9.1 on ubuntu 12.04 64-bit. I try to run Aplication Stack Builder and install pgAgent.

At first I am asked for root password, which I provide, after I choose PostgreSQL 9.1 on port 5433 as the only option. On next screen I tick pgAgent and click Next a few times to get to the Setup screen with verification the postgradeSQL installation details. The Host is local, the User Name is postgres and I type my password for postgrade which I use when open pgAdmin III. When I click next I have a warning:

psql.bin: could not connect to server: Connection refused

Is the server running on host "localhost" ( 
  and accepting TCP/IP connection on port 5432?

When I try pgAdmin it does work with password I provide but it looks for me like this password is not accepted by Stack Builder. I also provide my root password on the beginning so it should be able to do everything with sudo privilege. I don't know what to do now and what is the problem. Should I run something else before Stack Builder?

I know it seems like password problem but I tried all and it is not a simple password case. Did anyone have similar problem or know what to do?


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PgAgent-III and psql can use unix socket connections, while it looks like StackBuilder is using TCP/IP. Does:

psql -h postgres

produce the same error? If so, check postgresql.conf and see what listen_addresses is set to; it might be set not to listen on TCP/IP. See the documentation for details and how to change it: Runtime configuration parameters

If the port directive in postgresql.conf is set to port other than the default port 5432 - say 5433 - you must specify that everywhere you connect. For example:

psql -h -p 5433 postgres

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