I am using micromax 352G usb modem.Ubuntu 12.10 is not detecting it as a modem device though it has shown it by the command "lsusb". After running "gnome-ppp", it shows an error report that /etc/modem have not been found.

Plz help...


same here.

I used to have faced the same issue.

In 12.04LTS it got detected as usb device and after ejecting the usb device it got detected as modem.

But the problem in 12.10 is that the usb device is not showing.

So I got a little trick for that.

just log into win7/xp first and insert the modem. Restart the computer and then log into ubuntu. but keep in mind that dont disconnect or eject the modem from pc and dont switch off the main power.

Doing so You have to do the process again.

Works fine for me. Actually I am connected to the internet using that same modem. Best of luck and let me know the result.

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