I am interested in adding a custom script to the Nautilus context menu. I am aware of solutions such as the Scripts folder and the Nautilus Actions application.

I created a test action in Nautilus Actions, but it only appears under the "Nautilus-Actions actions" submenu.

I would like to be able to add an item to the root level of the context menu itself (at the same level as cut, copy, dropbox, compress...) and not in a submenu.

Is this possible with Nautilus Actions?

If it isn't, is there any other way? (If it involves coding or strange configuration changes, that's OK too)

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You can do it with nautilus-actions. Launch nautilus-actions-config-tool and go to Edit > Preferences > uncheck "Create a root Nautilus Actions menu" and bottom of the first tab. -- This affects all actions.

enter image description here

Also, in the left panel the entries (actions) can be grouped as sub-menus. Create your actions (New action'), then create a 'New menu' with right-click or under 'File' for each action category, and then drag&drop your actions of that category on it.

enter image description here

Which gives this:

enter image description here

  • You'll need to explain a bit more. Nautilus 3.4.2 does not have a 'tools' drop down menu. Nov 11, 2012 at 0:42
  • @fabricator4, I've made an edit.. I can't say it was the hardest question I've seen around here..
    – user55822
    Nov 13, 2012 at 17:32
  • 2
    A bit late but it was this simple - Edit > Preferences > uncheck "Create a root Nautilus Actions menu"
    – Mendhak
    May 20, 2013 at 18:11

As far as I know that's not possible with Nautilus Actions. But you can write a Nautilus extension that adds a menu item. For Python install the package python-nautilus and have a look at the examples in /usr/share/doc/python-nautilus/examples/

  • It is possible...
    – Wilf
    May 15, 2014 at 22:49

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