I have a large number of manga (Japanese comics) loosely organized in compressed folders per story, which I sorted into folders by the category of authors. Is there an application that could add tags to each story/compressed folder to indicate, for example, the manga's genre (romance, drama, tragedy, adventure) so if I want to search for manga which have adventure I can easily find them?

Particularly, is there an application which has a GUI and is not run in the terminal? I'm not that good at using terminal commands.


As your question is very specifically about comics, there are really two graphical applications in the repositories called calibre and comix that would be very useful to you.

You could manage all your comics in calibre, which has many more tagging and management features than comix, and then just use comix as the default viewer for your .cbr files. This would probably be the best of both worlds as both calibre and comix can read from archived tar and compressed zip folders.

If you create your library just with comix, it is possible to add comments per imported folder or comic, and then search throughout your library. If that is sufficient then you could just use comix for management and viewing, although calibre definitely gives your more options for tagging and managing your comics.

I note that you refer to manga comics, and comix has several features that support manga such as a setting to switch to right to left reading.

Screenshot featuring Comix with a sample Marvell (tm) comic:

enter image description here

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