My battery backup hardly lasts for 45mins. I searched for a similar problem but din't find any solution applicable to me.

I use Nvidia GeForce 525M graphics card and use Nouveau. My laptop gets heated up to about 85 deg (according to jupiter). Such a power consumption is too much for my battery.

Is there any way I can enable my graphics card and load my kernel module only when needed without restart or logout? And till that time use only the integrated Intel graphics card.
(And I do not mean blacklisting as I would have to log out to enable it.)
I need a run-time loading and unloading of modules.

Update : I installed Bumblebee which increases the battery life to 2 hrs.(approx.) . However, I'd like to know how to load kernel modules after completing boot process.

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Sounds like you want Nvidia optimus, I believe it was recently added in the 304 driver release, so I recommend you install the nvidia driver.

  • Tried installing nvidia-current as per Q&As. Result was the same except that compiz effects were drastically reduced. I basically need one out of two things - either a driver which intelligently controls power or a way to do so manually. Still will try this.
    – VedVals
    Nov 9, 2012 at 15:48

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