Are there any ultrabook convertible laptops that work fully with Ubuntu or can easily be made to fully work? I would like a device like the Lenovo Yoga and the Dell XPS convertible that works fully or has been known to do so.

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You can get Ubuntu up and going on the Yoga [Lenovo 20175]. The problem is net access. Wifi doesn't work and no built-in RJ-45 (basic Ethernet jack). Need a USB to RJ-45 that will work with Ubuntu.

I used the Belkin F4U047. Which would overheat on Ubuntu (not Win8) and stop working off and on.

USB FastE or GigE that "just works" with Linux 2.6 kernels

Installing was pretty easy though. Turn off the comp, plug in your Ubuntu USB installer. Push the small button next to the power button in front with a pen/paperclip, choose to boot from USB. Then Install.

Touchscreen worked great. Seemed better than Win8. Especially with closing windows etc. with small areas. Pinching to zoom didn't work.

Multi-touch touch pad didn't seem to work. ex. 2 finger scroll. Scroll on right side of pad worked. Pinching, swiping from the the sides or top/bottom didn't do anything.

Display flipping didn't work at all. Fold into tablet mode, turn display upside down, this way that way, shake shake, nothing. Keyboard and touch pad should deactivate... nope.

Bluetooth can be turned on. But still showed disabled on setting window.???

Sure felt like being home after Win8 for a few months and glad to see it works as well as it does. Viva la Ubuntu!

  • Thanks for replying. Can those problems be solved with future driver updates? I would love for the Yoga to work with Ubuntu and GNOME Shell.
    – user26358
    Dec 21, 2012 at 1:34
  • Surprised it worked this well, last year, considering Lenovo said there are no Ubuntu touch drivers. Can you update this answer for latest 13.04?
    – NoBugs
    May 1, 2013 at 14:23

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