I recently built my own home studio PC. i5 CPU) 8Gb RAM, solid state drive etc. Basically the fastest PC I've ever built. I have a 32bit version of Windows XP and all the music software I have runs on this. However, I want to use all the RAM and can only do so by moving to 64bit Windows.

My questions are: Will Ubuntu run my Audio software or would I need to get Linux specific Audio software?

Are there any good (pro) shareware Linux based multi-track audio software packages?

Will VST plug-ins work through UBUNTU?


Unfortunately it is very unlikely that your Windows Audio software will run without latency with Ubuntu. You may be able to run it with the compatibilty layer Wine but it is unlikely that they will perform as expected. Due to latency running Windows audio applications in a virtual machine is not an option.

However there are quite a few alternatives for Ubuntu that may meet your needs (even though they will be different to the Windows counterparts):

  • Jack is an audio server with a more professional ambition.
  • Ardour is a multitrack audio processing tool that can be built with support for VST.
  • Rosegarden is a full blown, highly configurable MIDI sequencer
  • Audacity is a professional audio wave editor
  • and many many more.

All these applications can be easily installed and fairly easily configured in a standard 64-bit Ubuntu desktopb edition. You may however be interested in the especially for audio, graphic, and video highly customized derivative where most of these applications are already installed:

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