I am trying to get Samba working on Ubuntu to share a Directory and a Printer over the network to a Windows PC, only... when I install it I can't get the link for the GUI, and I can get no where with it. Could someone help me on how to set this up? Thanks:)


In addition to defining the share in smb.conf as mentioned I also found it necessary to define SAMBA users (distinct from Ubuntu users):

For example to add a SAMBA user to your Ubuntu system with the user name jseinfeld, you would enter this command at the prompt:

sudo smbpasswd -a jseinfeld

The smbpasswd application will then prompt you to enter a password for the user:

New SMB password:

Enter the password you wish to set for the user, and the smbpasswd application will ask you to confirm the password:

Retype new SMB password:

Confirm the password, and smbpasswd will add the entry for the user to the SAMBA password file.

For further assistance, see:



The way I ended up doing this:

Don't use SAMBA. The CUPS already has a built in server (once enabled) @ http://hostname:631/printers/PRINTERNAME

For the directory, I forgot to install system-config-samba that serves as the GUI. And I edited the /etc/samba/smb.conf to get everything working.

  • CUPS is what works for ubuntu 12.10, I installed samba packages unnecessarily.. now I need to uninstall them w/o creating new problems (I think). – Aquarius Power Apr 27 '13 at 4:20

You will have to edit /etc/samba/smb.conf to get required shared configured.

Else use a wrapper tool like zentyal which has smart interface to help you configure Samba. (a bit of learning curve will be there)

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