Every time I login into my desktop, pidgin start behind, and sometimes it's annoying me - e.g. when I'm not connected to Internet or when I don't want to be on-line - I check startup application list and there's no pidgin listed.

another thing that is very annoying is hiding window feature or what ever it called.
assume that you're using MusicTracker plug-in, your status is Busy and you're chatting with someone. when music change, status will change, and then buddy-list will disappear and chat window will minimize. Buddy-list is not important but minimizing chat window when you're chatting is annoying, Is there any way to make pidgin stop that?


Try this,

  • Close all running applications then go to System Preferences Startup Applications.
  • Click on the Options tab, check Automatically remember running applications when logging out.
    alt text
  • Close and reboot.


  • If you want your windows to stop minimizing when your away status changes, then Goto Tools → Plugins and then uncheck Iconify on Away plugin. alt text
  • Alternatively you could stop using musictracker so your status stops periodically changing.
  • thanks, it worked. but I think there would be a better way. when I run pidgin from message-indicator it run in background and buddy-list did not shown. thank you anyway :) – Behzadsh Jan 14 '11 at 14:46

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